The Botanical Society of America celebrated their 100th anniversary by honoring a select group of scientists on August 2, 2006 with a Centennial Award for their “outstanding service to the plant sciences and the Society”.  Among the group was Dr. Phil Lintilhac, trustee of the Conservation and Research Foundation since 2002.  Phil is Associate Professor in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Vermont. His research interests lie in the fields of plant development and physiology, in the pursuit of which he has invented a number of sophisticated biomechanical instruments.

The award was presented by Peter Raven along with Edward Schneider, President of the BSA and President of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. “Plant sciences have evolved a great deal over the past 100 years,” Raven and Schneider wrote in their award letter, “Behind this evolution, dedicated people such as [Lintilhac] have played a critical role.”

Congratulations Phil!