The Population Media Center’s (PMC) work  throughout the world developing entertainment-education for social change has been a truly novel and effective means of reducing population growth, one of the long supported focal areas of the CRF.  The PMC’s main partner in Mexico — Centro de Orientacion para los Adolescentes (CORA) — celebrated their 30th anniversary this year. Building on PMC’s previous work of using the Sabido methodology for behavior change communication on radio and television, CORA is now blazing a new trail delivering a multi-part sexual health program via cell phones.  With help from the Conservation & Research Foundation, PMC is exploring new work in Papua New Guinea on a radio serial drama dealing with the issues of family planning and environmental conservation, and in Sierra Leone on avoidance of AIDS, family planning, and reproductive health.  In addition to these new ventures, the PMC has current projects in Brazil, Eastern Caribbean, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, the United States, Vietnam, and through the internet with their worldwide electronic game.  Learn more about these and other projects by visiting their web page, or reading their 2008 Annual Report.