In 2009-10, the CRF funded a small grant to The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) toward their efforts to establish a fund to support the West Grand Lakes Community Forest in Maine. From their web site:

Imagine the thriving village of Grand Lake Stream surrounded by protected lakes and 55,000 acres of community forest supporting public recreation, fish and wildlife, and sustainable forestry. Citizens of Grand Lake Stream unanimously supported this vision with a $40,000 contribution. The West Grand Lake Community Forest will protect the key 21,700 acre gap in a nearly 1.4 million acre international wildlife corridor between Maine and New Brunswick. This is a big hurdle in a successful effort to conserve the Downeast Lakes and over 370,000 acres of forests.

This project is the #1 national forest conservation priority, selected through a rigorous competitive process by the U.S. Forest Service Forest Legacy Program for FY2011. There is no better opportunity to protect a forest economy, ecological values, and outdoor recreation.