The Conservation and Research Foundation has been concerned with global overpopulation for many years. As scientists, our Trustees view this issue as key to many of the problems we face today including climate change, famine and wars fought over access to water and arable land. For the past ten years, we have been staunch supporters of Population Media Center’s (PMC) efforts to bring women’s health care and reproductive information to many parts of the world. Their broadcasts with soap-opera format dramas in local languages with regionally appropriate story-lines have been hugely popular. PMC has documented the effectiveness of this approach to bring women to local clinics for help with family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.

PMC-Ethiopia has now celebrated ten years and 740 episodes of its radio serial dramas and other programs such as traveling stage plays, workshops and printed materials. Ethiopia is the second most populous country in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the poorest developing nations. PMC has strongly focused on the Somali and Afar regions including the introduction of workshops for religious leaders to encourage social change. PMC has been active world-wide, while focusing on Africa. New areas they are exploring for future programs include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, India, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Ongoing projects in Senegal, Rwanda and Mali have gained financial support from USAID and the United Nations. PMC has recently branched out to include climate issues, endangered species and eco-tourism in their programs.