This past year the CRF supported a broad array of environmental projects, including the pioneering efforts of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to educate the public about alternative energy for individuals, industry and the military. One of its current projects has been termed “off-coal”, a sequel to its earlier efforts to find valid alternatives to oil as a major energy source. Both oil and coal produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming. RMI’s emphasis is on reducing energy demand through resource efficiency as well as increased use of non-polluting renewable resources such as wind and solar power. They have instigated formal meetings with electric utilities to present their research on how best to achieve low carbon electric systems for specific territories. Smart cars with electrified motors and city-wide readiness for charging plug-in hybrid vehicles are also current priorities for RMI. Because buildings consume 38.5% of all energy in the world and are responsible for 34% of all global carbon dioxide emissions, RMI is working on retrofitting buildings including the Empire State Building in NYC which will reduce its energy consumption by 40%.