Grant proposals to the Conservation and Research Foundation are due by August 31st in order to be considered during the Fall board meeting. The CRF funds small grants, typically between $500 and $5000 per proposal. While projects vary from year to year, we have provided both base institutional support and education and research grants focused on five broad areas:

  1. Limiting population growth
  2. Biodiversity protection
  3. Law and the environment
  4. Agriculture conservation
  5. Pollution and energy solutions

In addition, the Foundation funds general ecological research and environmental education that doesn’t necessarily fit into one of these categories.

The Foundation responds to an initial 1 to 2 page letter of inquiry, followed by a full proposal by invitation only. Full proposals should include a 2-page project description plus bibliography, resumes of participants (in the case of research proposals), budget, and contact information, with web links to appropriate supporting materials.

Please send letters of inquiry or invited proposals to:

Conservation and Research Foundation
P.O. Box 909
Shelburne, Vermont 05482-0909

Or by e-mail to Minda Wetzel at