The Conservation and Research Foundation was founded to support undernourished causes in the fields of conservation and biological research. The Foundation is funded with income from the Mary B. Goodwin Trust and annual contributions from many generous supporters of our work. Financial matters are handled by the trust, but all decisions with respect to the disposition of income are controlled by the trustees of the foundation, a majority of whom, as provided in the by-laws, are to be scientists.

Officers of the CRF as of October 2013 are:

Mary G. Wetzel, President
Myron Sopher, Treasurer
Philip M. Lintilhac, Secretary
David R. Foster, Clerk

Trustees of the CRF as of October 2013 are:

Tobias Baskin
Jon D. Erickson
Patricia Fobare Erickson
Richard H. Goodwin, Jr.
Crea Lintilhac
Philip M. Lintilhac
V. Ernesto Mendez
William Ryerson
Louise M. Tritton
Thomas C. Vogelmann
Mary G. Wetzel
Alexander T. Wilson

For a full list of short bios for the trustees, follow this link.

Emeritus trustees:

Winslow R. Briggs
Belton A. Copp
Richard H. Goodwin, Sr.
Hubert W. Vogelmann